Our Key Ingredient: Portulaca Oleracea

Widely recognised as the “fountain of youth”, our key ingredient, the Portulaca Oleracea, or more popularly known plant-based skincare ingredient Purslane, is what our brand is built upon. Rich in antioxidants, omega-3, vitamin E, Vitamin C and beta carotene, these regenerative effects are brought to you through our revolutionary skincare products. It promotes the anti-aging enzyme, telomerase, which protects our body’s DNA and preserves our cell repair function. Purslane is also valued for its high concentration of natural antioxidants (glutathione) and hydrating Omega-3 fatty acids. Suitable for all skin types, our products are exclusively formulated to be a remedy for skin troubles arising in South East Asia due to the hot and humid climate.

Other Natural ingredients

Active Ingredients

  • Purslane:

    Reduces appearance of wrinkles and lines, reduces inflammation and stimulates cell repair to reverse signs of ageing.

  • Pomegranate:

    Has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-aging properties as it's rich in antioxidants and natural antimicrobials.

  • Natural Oil:

    From fruit & plant-based oils such as olive oil, macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and rice oil.

  • Calendula:

    Has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties to aid in healing.

  • Blueberry:

    Rich in ellagic acid which can block the formation of melanin and dark spots.

  • Loofah:

    Brighten your skin and leaves your skin smooth clean & refreshed. Keeps the skin shiny, moisturised and fresh.

Natural and Clean Beauty

Clean and naturally sourced; We are committed to using active ingredients derived from natural plants and fruit extracts that refreshes your skin’s pH. We believe that prevention is better than cure by avoiding the 5 most harmful skin care additives; Mineral Oils, Parabens, Alcohol, SLS and SLES). We stay clear of these ingredients from our skincare products to ensure maximised restoration of your skin’s condition.

Our high quality and high performance ingredients are 100% formulated without parabens and preservative acid.