The color data is for reference only. different people will have different dirt results due to changes in their living habits or contact environment.

It is recommended to take a photo to record the color change of each discharge during use, pay attention to the frequency of use and the opacity of the dirt results.
The more translucent your dirt results are, the healthier the skin is.

Some Frequently Asked Questions!

 Q:Which skin type is suitable for this product?

A:Yasai Facial Spa Cream is suitable for all skin types. It is a skin-balancing formula that works on oily, dry, combination skin viscosity; on both sensitive & acne-prone skin. This is achieved through the active ingredients of Purslane plant extracts and Jojoba oil together to detoxify and restore skin moisture. It also gently draws out the build-up of impurities, dirt, and excessive oils from your pores. As a result, it nourishes, rejuvenates and saturates your pores from inside out, so every pore gets its own “beauty bath”, stimulating the renewal of your natural beauty.