YASAI Facial Spa Cream FAQ



The color data is for reference only. different people will have different dirt results due to changes in their living habits or contact environment.

It is recommended to take a photo to record the color change of each discharge during use, pay attention to the frequency of use and the opacity of the dirt results.
The more translucent your dirt results are, the healthier the skin is


Some Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Which skin type is suitable for this product?

A: Yasai Facial Spa Cream is suitable for all skin types. It is a skin-balancing formula that works on oily, dry, combination skin viscosity; on both sensitive & acne prone skin. This is achieved through the active ingredients of Purslane plant extracts and Jojoba oil together to detoxify and restore skin moisture. It also gently draws out the build-up of impurities, dirt, and excessive oils from your pores. As a result, it nourishes, rejuvenates and saturates your pores from inside out, so every pore gets its own "beauty bath", stimulating the renewal of your natural beauty.


Q: How to use Yasai Facial Spa Cream?

A: The guideline is by using the scraper provided to scoop out from the bottle and apply a coin-size portion (5grams in total) equally onto your cheeks, T-Zone and chin. Gently massage it onto your face for 3 to 5 minutes in an upward circular motion by using your fingertips only. The light massage is beneficial for your skin and a necessary part of the process. The cream is then dissolved into an oil-like solution (*It’s important to make sure the cream is translucent and lubricative to achieve the best cleansing performance results). Use Yasai’s scraper and gently scrape off the remaining residues on your face and it is recommended to use facial cleanser in the post treatment.


Q: What is the difference between Yasai Facial Spa Cream with makeup remover products?

A: Yasai Facial spa Cream is a multi-functional and balanced formula emphasis to perform a stellar job at cleaning oil, dirt, and sweat off your face. With the help of active ingredients like, purslane, jojoba oil, olive oil and macadamia oil that emulsifies with water, it gives a creamy texture that helps to cleanse your face and makes it squeaky clean. Makeup removers are only meant to remove your makeup like foundation, concealer, blush etc, on the surface of your skin.

Yasai ‘s facial spa cream is formulated with oil components that makes it easier for even the most stubborn parts of your makeup residue to glide off easily, it also clears your pores from inside out. Yasai’s facial spa cream effortlessly removes every last bit of your makeup, dirt, and leaves your skin hydrated and fresh.


Q: I am a gentleman and I don’t use makeup, why is my dirt result pink?

Cleansing and getting a “pink” dirt result after using Yasai’s Facial spa cream isn’t just for women! It is arguably happening for men too, given that men's skin produces more oil and generally have larger pores than woman.

In our leaflet, it is mentioned pink for cosmetics usage, but that includes a few other possibilities that fall under the category of the “pink” result. 

A good example for males who get “pink” results is the frequent use of hair wax, hair spray, serum and moisturisers as all these fall under the category of cosmetics too. The residue from these products can get trapped in your pores.
If you do not use makeup and your result is a translucent pink, that would be closest colour to your natural skin 
undertone colour, which means your skin is actually in a good condition.


Q: How often should I deep cleanse with Yasai’s Facial Spa Cream?

There is no magic number for every person, but its recommended that you should be performing a thorough deep cleanse routine 3 to 4 times a week. It helps to get rid of environmental residue like grime, bacteria and pollution-related toxins, along with any makeup that has seeped into the skin. People with normal skin or have normal skincare routine often, twice a week should suffice. This will allow for softer and more luminous skin with regular use.

If you have acne-prone skin, it would be better to deep cleanse every 2 days to ensure you get a completely clean face! Yasai facial spa cream can remove the dirt that lies deep within pores, so cleansing is a good way to get rid of the excess dirt and oil and this in turn reduces future breakouts. In fact, Yasai Facial Spa Cream does not contain harsh chemicals, thus your skin will not feel dried out even if you use add it to your daily skincare routine. Our product is extremely moisturising and you can feel your skin clean yet hydrated after using it! No tightness at all!


Q: My dirt result seems like a mixture of 2 colours, is this normal?

A: Yes! For example, if you get yellowish result but with a greyish undertone:

“Grey” colour results are a possibility of exposure to thermal computer radiation
from electronic products that could cause skin discolouration, skin irritation, rashes and dryness to your skin. 

Another example would be your working environment could possibly induce several skin ailments due to poor ventilation, dust trapped in your skin, poor lighting or even prolonged exposure to computer screens.

“Yellow” colour either means you’re a smoker, or you just haven’t done deep cleansing in a long time and there is a lot of dirt and excessive oil clogged in your skin. For example, you’re exposed to environments that are oily e.g restaurants or fast food places.  It is possible to have more than 1 colour so look carefully at it and you can determine what’s the issue!


Q: So what if I know my Skin Dirt Colour Result?

Basically the colour results you get just shows you what is the current condition your skin is in, for example if you are always getting an opaque pink, you may want to consider changing out some makeup as some makeup products are in fact clogging your pores. For example if you get yellowish brown, your skin is telling you to cleanse it more often as it is very dirty. When you know your skin dirt colour result, you'll be able to determine whether or not your skin condition is not ideal just due to the environment on that day or is it an underlying problem that needs to be solved!

Also, the clearer/more translucent the cream is, the cleaner your skin. You should see a big difference from the dirt residue from the first usage and after regular usage. The clearer and closer the colour of the dirt residue is to the cream, the better your skin condition is.

Q: Is there someone I can talk to regarding my Skin Dirt Result?

Yes! Do email us a picture of your skin dirt result under white lighting as yellow lighting may alter the actual colour in photos, and we will get our consultant to get back to you! Email to sales@yasaiskincare.com